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Drucker Forum
Managing Chaos. Nov. 2020 Video Courtesy of Global Peter Drucker Forum.
On COVID and Tech
Interview with Marta Fernández,for Fundación Telefónica about how COVID affects tech and vice versa, May 1, 2020
A Plea for Inexplicable AI
What the inexplicability of AI tells us about the world. Bielefeld U. conference, May, 2022
"... a terrific, wise essay" - John Naughton
What AI is showing us about being a human in the universe. Aeon, Nov. 15, 2021
Harvard Business School
HBS' Digital Initiative. 10 min lightning talks: "What Fairness Can Learn from AI", Oct. 2019
KMWorld Connect Keynote 2020
Machine learning vs. traditional programming in 3 mins
Italian library keynote
Keynoting the Italian national library conference, in Turin, Biennal, Nov. 2020
Turin Biennial - Embracing Chaos
Keynoting the Turin Technology Biennal, Feb. 25, 2021
"AI Visionary at Harvard"
Living Innovation Interview about chaos, business, fairness...
From the Crows' Nest
Possibility, Chaos, Strategy. Sept. 2021, fairness...
Collaborative Sense-Making
15 yrs after Everything Is Miscellaneous how is our generational project of making sense of the world together going? KMWorld, Nov. 2020
IQ Squared Summer Reading List
July 3, 2020 (Large image)
Byron Reese of GigaOM, on AI philosophy
Byron Reese asks about whether AI can be conscious, and about ML's way of "thinking" about the future. May 1, 2020
HBR Top 3 Readers' Favorites
HBR subscribers' newsletter picks Everyday Chaos as a Top 3 readers' favorite.
HBS Digital Initiative Favorite
What Fairness can learn from AI" article one of Harvard Business School Digital Initiative's favorites
The End of Strategy?
Here's how businesses are learning to thrive in a world too unpredictable for strategy. (Feb. 10, 202.)
Outside In Podcast
How businesses are benefitting from the chaos of the Net and AI. Excellent interview by Charles Trevail. Dec. 2, 2019
Google PAIR Symposium talk
"The Metaphysics of AI" at London Google conference, Nov., 2019
The 10 Mgt Insights You Need to Know
Chartered Management Institute, March 2020
Book Excerpt: Chapt. 2
Models Ancient, Modern, and Future: How we put the world together [pdf]
Outside In Podcast
How businesses are benefitting from the chaos of the Net and AI. Excellent interview by Charles Trevail. Dec. 2, 2019
On winning Axiom "Best Business Commentary"
Reflecting on Everyday Chaos's reception - March 9, 2020
Future Fossils Podcast
Thoughtful interview by Michael Garfield. Aug. 23, 2019
Hack the Process Podcast
Excellent, wide-ranging conversation, Oct. 1, 2019
Trend Following with Michael Covel
Podcast, May 23, 2019
Triangulation (TWiT)
Lively interview with Mikah Sargent, Sept. 6, 2019
Chapter 0: Introduction (Excerpt)
The introduction to the book
C-SPAN - The Book Talk + Jeff Jarvis
Book Talk in NYC, then a conversation with Jeff Jarvis
"I would encourage any and every leader to read it"
Biblical Leadership review, May 16, 2020
Setting AI's Ethical Guardrails
Six questions to ask about an AI system. By Eve Tahmincioglu.
Hidden Forces Podcast
Wide-ranging philosophical conversation with Dimitri Kofinas. May 14, 2019
Ethics of AI
Glasswing Ventures panel with Sandy Pentland & John Havens. (David starts at 10:15) May 18, 2019
AI, Net & The Future - An Interview
Irish Tech Times, Jordan Hussein, June 25, 2019
Mitch Joel Podcast
AI, marketing, the Internet then and now. May 5, 2019
Article: AI & Middle Markets
National Center for the Middle Market - Chuck Leddy
Forbes Interview: Four Rules
Four Rules To Guide Expectations Of Artificial Intelligence" — Joe McKendrick, Apr. 29, 2019
Google Posts
Posts about AI, as a Google writer-in-residence
Intro to the book: Video
David's 15-minute video intro to the book. April, 2019
Heather Goldstone: Radio interview
Living Lab Radio: Science, Laws and Chaos, May 12, 2019
"One of the best books..."
"One of the best books we've been sent to review recently." Simon Cocking review in Irish Tech Times, June 18, 2019
Hashtag #EverydayChaos
Everyday Chaos: The Hashtag
Community Networks Podcast
Christopher Mitchell. AI, the Internet, and more. May 16, 2019
HBR Event: Live Blog
Natalie Cooper (Profusion) live blogs HBR talk at Herman Miller HQ in London, May 31, 2019.